MeelBijendra is a Digital Branding & Personal Branding and Trader. He is an entrepreneur who started his career early at the age of 19. He started his own Company Digital Marketing & Personal Branding and trader, made it a success, and Social media influencer who delivers consistent value on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter.

Bijendra Meel is one of the youngest CEO’s of a tech start-up. MeelBijendra is an initiative for the young generation interested in making more, willing to step forward and be free from financial situations. We provide knowledge based on self-learning, experience, and theoretical implications on the market.

In general, trading is considered a business not suitable for everyone, but this is just a hoax which we clear by letting you learn about the strategies that can provide a good profit.

MeelBijendra is a Digital Branding & Personal Branding and Trader

For Your Business Brand

“Meel Bijendra can help your brand stand out & connect with audience with emotions using contextual content marketing, Digital Automations & Paid Facebook / Instagram Ads!”

What Makes Us Different from the Competiton?

We focus on helping you understand markets better & learn to analyze charts on your own & not just sell you a strategy that is not enough on its own. We help you design your trading plan, which is crucial; therefore, you will always have an Entry plan & Exit plan. Being unbiased in the stock Market is a Blessing; always have a Neutral Mindset. A calm mind continuously learns to keep the peace even in a situation of chaos, “RESERVE YOUR CHAOS”.

Why Choose Meel Bijendra

We make it easier for you by checking out the real – time investing analysis, that too on the trainer’s account, who will let you into his thoughts while they are trading. We provide a view of the world inside a trader’s head.

Meel Bijendra Mission:- 

We provide every aspect of trading to give a future to your thoughts rather than just investing and waiting for things to happen; with us, you are ready for your next step based on your last investment outcome.

Meel Bijendra Vision:-

In Meel Bijendra, we provide you training on the live trading account, and while you are learning, we cover you with all the strategies and help you lookout for the perfect strategy according to your plans.