Adani Wilmar is market leader in Refined Oil Consumer Pack segment in India with 19.5% market share

Refined 5-liter plastic cans of edible oil are kept with Adani Wilmar's logo in the background
Refined 5-liter plastic cans of edible oil. MeelBijendra/Nandini

Mumbai, September 12 (MeelBijendra) – Adani Wilmar is the market leader in India’s edible oil segment and ROCP (Refined Oil Consumer Pack) segment with over 19.5% market share through its brand portfolio. Adani Wilmar is involved in crushing and processing oilseeds to extract crude oil.

Crude oil, obtained externally or internally through a crushing process, undergoes refinement or filtration depending on the specific oil type. Adani Wilmar buys oilseeds from domestic sources in India; Crude edible oil is obtained from domestic suppliers or imported.

The final products are packaged and sold in bulk. Adani Wilmar has products available in most types of oilseeds – soybean oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, cottonseed oil, blended oils, vegetable and specialty fats.

In the edible oil portfolio, the company offers a range of products with specific health benefits. Adani Wilmar’s total domestic edible oil sales in all forms constitute about 12% of total domestic consumption. Adani Wilmar is also the largest manufacturer of lauric fat in India.

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