Bikaji became the leading manufacturer of Bhujia and the second-largest producer of handmade papad

Bikaji products are kept for sale in a store in Mumbai
Bikaji products. MeelBijendra/Nandini

Mumbai, September 10 (MeelBijendra) – Bikaji’s flagship product Bikaneri Bhujia has given the company recognition across borders and Bikaji is now the leading manufacturer of Bikaji Bhujia and the second-largest producer of handmade papad. Bikaji truly embarked on a remarkable journey in the early 90s and has established Bikaji as India’s favorite snacking partner.

On 16 November 2022, Bikaji became the only ethnic snacks company to be listed on Indian stock exchanges with a successful listing reflecting consumer and institutional confidence in the brand. This listing proved to be an important milestone in Bikaji’s continued pursuit of excellence.

Currently, the company is embraced by a vast community of customers who are Bikaji’s biggest brand champions! As a strong, agile, and value-driven organization, Bikaji’s presence across the country includes a deep distribution network, retail presence across India, and multiple manufacturing facilities and offices at strategic locations; Coupled with a tremendous international presence.

Bikaji’s remarkable journey, nurtured by the support and affection of countless stakeholders, has inspired the company to aim higher. The company said, “We aim to achieve this by consistently offering unmatched quality products, exceeding customer expectations, and ensuring promising returns for our shareholders.”