What is IPO in Share Market and its benefits? | How to buy IPO in Zerodha?

In this article, you will know what is IPO, what are the benefits of investing in IPO, How to buy IPO in Zerodha? What is IPO and full form of IPO The full form of IPO is Initial Public Offering. IPO means when a private company is listed in the stock market for the first … Read more

What is P/E Ratio? | Price to Earning Ratio

P/E Ratio (Price to earning ratio) is a very important valuation ratio. P/E Ratio shows that if the company distributes its entire profit among its shareholders and shows the same performance in the coming years. So how many years will it take to recover the money you are investing in that company. For example: If … Read more

Stock Market Timings in India

The India Stock Market is closed every Saturday and Sunday, and also on holidays issued by stock exchanges. Here is the list of holidays of stock exchanges: Trading Holidays For Equity (BSE & NSE) Sr. No Days Holidays Date 1 Tuesday Republic Day 26 January 2021 2 Thursday Mahashivratri 11 March 2021 3 Monday Holi … Read more

Basics of Futures and Options trading for Beginners

Today you will learn about the basics of futures and options trading. Futures and Options come under types of Derivatives markets. Generally, there are four types of Derivative markets; Forward Futures Options Swap We will understand all of them one by one. First, let us understand What are derivatives markets? Petrol and Diesel are made … Read more

What is Mutual Funds and how to Invest in it with Detailed information

What is mutual funds ? How to invest in it ? Basically all the necessary information regarding it, being a common man or a beginner investor, all the information you will get in this article. Friends, every month when your salary is credited then you keep some part of that salary as savings for food, … Read more