What is the difference between mutual funds and stock market?

Mutual Funds and Stock Market

In this article, you will know what is the difference between mutual funds and stock market. Difference between Stock Market and Mutual Funds Stock Market Mutual Funds You are the direct owner of the shares. You are the indirect owner of the shares. Demat account is compulsory for investing directly in the stock market. Demat … Read more

Which is better SIP vs Lump-sum investment?

SIP and Lump-Sum

A question comes to the mind of mutual fund investors whether to invest through SIP or do Lump-Sum investing. SIP SIP is a systematic investment plan that means investing a specific amount regularly every month or every quarter, just like RD (Recurring Deposit). In RD, people put a fixed amount every day or every week, … Read more

What is Mutual Fund and How to Invest in Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Fund means money collected from people, a mutual fund is a fund. Where money is collected from many people, the company that manages this fund is called an asset management company. A fund manager is appointed for every mutual fund scheme. Fund managers invest people’s money according to the goals and objectives of that mutual … Read more

Bonds and Debentures – Explained

Bonds and Debentures: If a company or an organization has a requirement of funds, then it has two main options to raise the fund. Equity Debt Equity Equity financing is a risk capital in which the company dilutes its shareholding. If the company has 100 shares, then the company raises some money by selling 10% … Read more

Nykaa IPO – GMP, Issue Date, Financials, Price, Lot Size & Details

Nykaa IPO – GMP, Issue Date, Financials, Price, Lot Size & Details

Nykaa’s IPO opened on 28 October. In this article, you will know about GMP, Issue Date, Financials, Price, Lot Size & Details of Nykaa IPO. Nykaa’s IPO Details Nykaa IPO Opening Date 28 October 2021 Nykaa IPO Closing Date 01 November 2021 Nykaa IPO Price ₹1085 to ₹1125 per equity share Nykaa Issue Type Book … Read more

Nykaa IPO Analysis: Price band, GMP and other key details

Nykaa IPO – GMP, Issue Date, Financials, Price, Lot Size & Details

Nykaa’s IPO which many investors are eagerly waiting for because it is a startup but profit-making. This is a very rare combination, so today we will know about Nykaa’s IPO, so let’s know the full story of Nykaa. While many big unicorn startups like Phonepe, Paytm, and OYO are continuously booking huge losses, Nykaa has … Read more

What is ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

What is ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)

ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) funds that are traded on stock exchanges Before understanding ETF, let’s understand what is fund. What is Fund Fund means the money collected from the people, the company that manages this fund is called the asset management company and the asset management company appoints the fund manager for that fund. Fund … Read more

What is NFO in Mutual fund and NFO vs IPO | New fund offer

What is NFO in Mutual fund and NFO vs IPO | New fund offer

You must have seen that these days mutual funds are bringing many new NFO (New Fund Offer). Mutual funds are launching new NFOs to capitalize on this opportunity. What is NFO, how many types of NFO are there, what are the pros and cons of NFO, you will know in this article. What is NFO … Read more

6 Candlestick Patterns and Technical Analysis of Trading Market

6 Candlestick Patterns and Technical Analysis of Trading Market

If you want to become an expert in trading then you must know the candlestick pattern. So in this article, you will learn about 6 candlestick patterns. Hammer candlestick pattern in Trading The candlestick that is formed in this candlestick pattern is formed like this. It has a long stick at the bottom, it is … Read more

What is P/E Ratio? | Price to Earning Ratio

P/E Ratio (Price to earning ratio) is a very important valuation ratio. P/E Ratio shows that if the company distributes its entire profit among its shareholders and shows the same performance in the coming years. So how many years will it take to recover the money you are investing in that company. For example: If … Read more

Stock Market Timings in India

The India Stock Market is closed every Saturday and Sunday, and also on holidays issued by stock exchanges. Here is the list of holidays of stock exchanges: Trading Holidays For Equity (BSE & NSE) Sr. No Days Holidays Date 1 Tuesday Republic Day 26 January 2021 2 Thursday Mahashivratri 11 March 2021 3 Monday Holi … Read more

What is Mutual Funds and how to Invest in it with Detailed information

What is mutual funds ? How to invest in it ? Basically all the necessary information regarding it, being a common man or a beginner investor, all the information you will get in this article. Friends, every month when your salary is credited then you keep some part of that salary as savings for food, … Read more

What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Blockchain ?

Today, we will talk about the world’s most expensive Pizza transaction. A pizza worth ₹2,800 crores. We will talk about Satoshi Nakamoto’s obvious role in BitCoin and Blockchain. Lastly, we will also talk about how BitCoin and the Blockchain technology work. And most importantly about whether you can mine or not. We will be discussing … Read more

Payday Loans | Payday Loan Interest | Understanding Payday Loans

A payday loans (also called a Salary loan, payday advance, small dollar loan, payroll loan, cash advance loan or  short termloan) is a type of short-term borrowing/unsecured loan where a lender will extend high-interest credit/high interest rates  based on your income. Its principal is typically a portion of your next salary/paycheck. Payday loans charge high … Read more

Rule of 70 Definition, Difference Between | Rule of 69,70,72

The rule of 70 is a calculation to determine how many times it will take for your investment capital or money to double given a specified rate of return. Rule of 70 is an estimate based on forecasted growth rates. If the rates of growth fluctuate, the calculation maybe  inaccurate. What Is the Rule of … Read more

CG Power Share Price | Share Price of CG Power | CG Power Stock Price

CG Power Share price is listed on NSE and BSE. Share Price of CG Power & Industrial Solutions Limited formerly known as Crompton Greaves Limited is a multinational company. CGPower company is engaged in the design and manufacture of transmission, power products and distribution related products. CGPower is headquartered in Mumbai and the company was … Read more

What is Share Market | Stock Market | Trading

Earlier trading in share market was done orally but now it is not so, now trading in shares is done through computers and people place buy and sell orders. Now the trading platform has changed a lot and the brokers have made trading very easy. What is Share Market Stock market, equity market both these … Read more

How to make money from share market | Share Market

In this post you will know what is a share market and how to invest money in a share market and what is a demat account and how to open it. Share market, Stock market, stock exchange are all the names of the same place. Where the shares of the listed company are bought and … Read more