Chalet Hotels and Marriott launches second 168-room hotel, managed & operated by an all-women team at ‘The Westin Hyderabad Hitech City’

On Monday 5th June, Chalet Hotels announced the launch of its second hotel in Hyderabad i.e. The Westin Hyderabad Hitech City. Chalet Hotels Limited launched The Westin Hyderabad Hitech City hotel in partnership with Marriott International.

Hotel reception
Hotel Reception (Image: Meel Bijendra/Agrika)

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Chalet Hotels Limited is part of the “K Raheja Corp Group” and is an owner, developer, asset manager, and operator of high-end hotels and resorts in India. Most of the Chalet hotels are operated through strategic partnerships with leading hospitality chains such as Marriott International and The Accor.

US-based Marriott International is the world’s largest hotel chain by the number of available rooms and is engaged in the business of hotels, residential and timeshare properties, lodging operations, franchises, and licenses.

‘The Westin Hyderabad Hitech City’ will have 168 rooms that will be managed and operated by an all-women team, a first of its kind in South Asia within a partnership with the entire Chalet Hotel and Marriott International chain. Chalet Hotels has been listed in ‘India’s Best Workplaces for Women’ for two consecutive years 2021 and 2022.

In addition, Chalet Hotels has a hotel network of 88 rooms in Pune, 375-400 rooms in New Delhi, and 140 rooms in Bengaluru. 3 additional hotels in Hyderabad, New Delhi, and Navi Mumbai are in various stages of design and development while another 1.4 million sq ft in Mumbai and Bengaluru are being converted into commercial space.

Presently Chalet Hotels Limited has a total of 2,802 rooms including 7 fully operational hotels and commercial spaces representing 2,634 rooms in the mainstream and luxury segments.

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