Digital Pratik Success Story | Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik Success Story | Digital Pratik

Who is Digital Pratik? However, there are very few of us who know about the struggle behind the success of the man who Found Digital Pratik. In this article, we will know the success story of Digital Pratik: ( Words of Digital Pratik )

I realized in my college days itself that I was not made for engineering that’s where I dropped off I only had 300 rupees in my bank account on my name.

No money, no Direction, no clue about what to do in my life.

I realized that without a degree who will give me a job that’s where I thought “jaha se nikala hai vahee par vaapas jaoonga to sahee”.

One thing which has made my life right now and it’s going to make even 10x times more… 

Early Life

Hello everyone my name is Pratik Singh Chudasama. A name which a lot of people don’t know, a name which only my family and friends people know.

Why because the way of lived my life over the past eight years have manifested a life where people now have started calling me as digital pratik yes that’s my identity that’s something which I own.

I’m a digital marketer, digital marketing consultant, social media communicator and a hardcore practitioner of all the social media platforms which work in the now.

I’m here standing as Digital Pratik to share my journey with all of you guys, the way I started my journey was back in the state of Gujarat city Ahmedabad.

Where my dad used to own a small little business of printing and he used to print visiting cards.

He used to have hard-earned money every single month, save the little bit of money every single month and did all the best possible thing which he could for my education.

That’s where I realized that yes I have to study well I was a good student that’s where I took engineering after scoring good.

Call Center

But slowly and steadily I realized in my college days itself that I was not made for engineering.

That’s where I dropped off, but I had this thing that I have to make money now because when you are dropped out and when you are actually in a good path you are thinking of how you can survive in the state, city or in your life, That’s where I realized that without a degree who will give me a job a couple of my friends while I was having a talk to survive myself and to make money, told me that back on those days because call center was booming.

They told me and asked me to give an interview at one of the companies.

I walked in an interview at E-tech Gandhinagar and there were seven interview rounds. But you have to wear formal.

Formals were compulsory for this kind of interviews, so because I didn’t have money because I had never had formals I borrowed it from one of my friends and then I took this interview rounds.

Alright I cleared all these seven rounds and that’s where I took this first ever job where I got this 9700 rupees job for the first ever time.

Now just to mention while I’m doing this only had 300 rupees in my bank account on my name.

No money, no Direction, no clue about what to do in my life why because I didn’t have degree.

I just had one thing in my mind that I have to make money to survive and then just move further and further. Because at that point in time I saw one of the videos of Jack Canfield on YouTube.

Where he mentioned something in one of the webinars that when you don’t have any direction just imagine as if you are driving a car, imagine that is a headlight and you are driving in the night it will only show you 100 to 200 meters ahead of you, but you still go forward you move further and that’s where you just have faith in yourself and you keep moving further and further and further in your process.

That’s the exact thing which I did and now I realized that I have to score well.

So in my call centre days I used to do well, scored well in my NPS in my sales number and I went in two years I was a customer service head during this journey.

Life Failure

Because I wanted to make more money because the money which I was making as a customer service head was also very very less I wanted to make more that’s what that was my mindset like how to make money quick and fast and more.

So I saw this banner somewhere while I was surfing internet and I saw this banner how to make $5,000 to $10,000 extra in 30 days. And that’s were like okay fine.

I have to click this button, I have to click this banner and I’ll be making money $5,000 and I’ll be rich as other people in 30 days. I click that banner. I had to invest $25 at that point in time.

That’s what I thought I didn’t have any money and just a call center a guy I only have in my savings a couple of 3,000 rupees.

Where I have to survive every single month and that’s where I realized okay fine let me just borrow my friends credit card pulled it up swiped up and I entered that in the feeling that just by doing affiliate marketing and everything I will be making more and more money.

But as you know if you are into digital ocean, if you are into this digital marketing space for a little while you know nothing happens over the night. So that’s where I lost $25.

Because I realized if I want to do a Affilate marketing more into that particular network marketing company.

I have to be a part of a system which will now charge me $19 additional every single month as a recurring fee which I didn’t have.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

I have to invest in more products which I couldn’t but now I have to return this $25 again in the next month itself to my friend whom I used swipe card.

So at this point in time when I have 3000 rupees a month in savings all the time I used to take two meals a day which is like 60 rupees per meal that is like used to cost me 100 to 120 rupees a day.

So if you calculate all my savings or all my money is going into my food expense that’s where I thought let me just break that and save a little bit more that’s where pani puri Khata tha.

10 rupees pani puri in one meal. 20 rupees ho gya, 50 rupees save krta tha and that’s where 100 rupees & hundred rupees I used to save.

I just give it back to my friends so that’s where $25 ka nuksan to huaa lekin bharapaee bhi ho gyi, but only I know. I know how hard it was to give back that money.

But this is where I understood one thing I have to have consistency hardwork in learning digital marketing and applying the strategies without even having money.

So because I didn’t have money I could apply a certain strategies which are SEO now if I have to apply SEO all I need to do is invest in my time, investing my learning and then applying all the strategies.

So I always used to do on page SEO off page SEO then comes affiliate marketing where I figured out that okay fine there are websites like Clickbank jvzoo and where I could go pick up a couple of products build WordPress websites or websites and figure out slowly and steadily that yes I can do blogging and blogging doesn’t require any money if you don’t want to invest in hosting and domain so I started my free blogs on blog and this is where I understood okay fine.

Even though I didn’t have money I can always learn and apply that’s the key if you don’t have money, don’t worry money is not the problem, the problem is our execution and individuals efforts, so keep just executing and be resourceful with all the resources which you have.

Life Struggle

Once it is done now this is where I was just surfing internet more and more I saw this advertisement from one of the Indian Digital Marketing Institute and that’s where I got fantasized that ok fine in India as well Digital Marketing Institute’s are there because throughout my these to four years while I was doing call center jobs and learning internet marketing online marketing digital marketing by myself I used to come in touch with like international coaches foreigners who used to teach online marketing but this Institute named D s I’m back in those days used to run offline courses online courses workshops.

So I clicked their ad had a talk and that’s where I got to know that their five month program was approximately 60,000 rupees at that point in time.

I took that course but as I said I didn’t have money, so once again I had to borrow money from my friends I convinced the sales representative of the assignment to give me some EMI options and that’s where one of the EMI was close to 13 thousand rupees.

I borrowed that money from my friends now I paid that but in one month I was rejected, from that program.

Why you know because I didn’t have money for the second EMI now. That’s where I thought “jaha se nikala hai vahee par vaapas jaoonga to sahee”.

Now started saving more money as a digital marketing executive guy because this is where now, because I had experience of a free ad marketing, SEO blogging in the side hustle I got my first ever job as well of digital marketing of 17000 rupees.

So now I was earning a little bit more, so I could save a little bit more so in three months I could save enough and then once again I enrolled at the DS i am the same digital marketing course and this time it was me time.

This time it was like I have to do it and I will do it and I did it.

I did it so well I did it so well as a practitioner that they offered me a job of digital marketing trainer, just imagine a guy who has no clue about digital marketing is being rejected by a Digital Marketing Institute because he is not able to pay that EMI because he’s not able to pay the fee.

He’s being offered a digital marketing trainer job. If I would have stopped at that point in time when they cut me out of the Institute.

The Success Story of Digital Pratik

I would have never got this job the twisting point in my career of digital marketing.

Now I have to move out of the state being a digital marketing trainer job which I am getting now I have to move out of the state which is Gujarat I have to go to Delhi and I have never been outside Gujarat.

This is the first of a time I’m gonna fly in the flight and to mention while I am going to embark on this journey now in my bank account just like those 300 rupees back in those days now I only have 10,000 rupees.

My last 10,000 rupees which I had, and I have to go to Delhi. Now this is the point in time I cannot go back I just have to move keep moving further further further without any direction further further further.

Because I have to do this job this was the golden opportunity in my life a twisting point in my career. That’s where after having those 10,000 rupees: 3000 in fly, 2500 for this additional luggage.

I’m at Delhi Airport now, like I’m almost exhausted in my budget the last 10,000 rupees which I have.

I’m almost gone and in the morning I have to find a room for myself because I have to stay in Delhi.

When you are only left with a couple of hundreds of rupees in your bank account once again this is the stage where you have to pay thousands of rupees again.

That’s where I call a couple of friends nobody helped me only I know how I figured out one of my mentors who hired me for this job at digital marketing institute as a digital marketing trainer helped me I borrowed thirty thousand rupees from him and that’s where I returned.

I returned the money back every single month from that point onwards for the next three months.

Now moving forward while I’m at this job I realize I have to do hard work I used to take five batches I also take thousands of professionals I used to like talk in front of MacBooks, camera for 10 long hours 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. batch 12:30 to 4:30 p.m, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. five to seven, five to eight all these batches have taken.

And while I am taking this I am doing the hard work I’m not just doing Job while I’m going back to night I’m side hustling all this Digital Pratik never would have happened I have to work hard after coming to my place at night.

So I used to record back in those days in 2015/16 YouTube was booming Instagram was just coming out as a video platform.

So YouTube was there so I started recording gratitude videos every single day screen recording videos as well digital marketing tips and tricks here and there if you go to 2015/16 videos of mine, you’ll see screen recording videos on YouTube of like 2:00 a.m. 4:00 a.m.

So I worked hard SuperDuper hard and that’s where slowly and steadily now I’m getting a direction.

Now I am getting a direction of patience, consistency hard work and making a little bit more money and more money.

As a freelancer as well I’m starting getting job. I’m doing this digital marketing training job I got promoted twice in this job in 9 months.

I got awarded as the awesome trainer by one of the batches. I still remember the batch 14th April 2016 batch the entire batch took me to a bar we celebrated.

And now I feel after 9 months. I have something on my own as well still digital Pratik is not there.

I had a website called (my real name .com).

And that’s where I was doing here in their insider self doing good. But I thought let me do it myself now so I left the job once again hustling hard in the night and scored myself very well and positioned myself now as digital Pratik.

So from July 2017 onwards I am hardcore into all these things and finally I left all the job on August 2018.

Since then and purely into digital marketing as Digital Pratik a name who people call me and respect me for, a name where people don’t even know who Pratik Singh Chudasma is. And that’s where I feel proud about myself.

I feel proud about having my own marketing clients now. who paying lakhs of rupees. I feel proud about the support unity of people calling me and having this opportunity.

But if one single person of listening to me has there’s difference in his life.

If this guy who had no clue, who had no direction, who had all these drops, who had all the struggles, who never had money is able to make this much money now every single month.

Just remember one thing as I said in that webinar of Jack Canfield, if I wouldn’t have heard that if I was driving in the night and if I wouldn’t have faith in myself by going forward and forward and forward imagining that yes I am able to see 200 meters, 200 meters of my life.

My process, my destination then you will never ever reach the destination.

I just want to tell you one thing, one thing which has made my life right now and it’s gonna make even 10x times more is every single day I learned something new in my life.

Every single day I apply that something new which I have learned in my life.

And every single day I share that something new which I have learned in my life and applied in my life with other people.

I have always believed that if I want to empower myself I have to empower million people over here.

Millions of people over here, gazillion people over here, that’s the only focus which I have give more and I’m telling you you will get more.

The more you give the more you get blessed. So if you have no direction right now, if you have no money right now, if you have no clue about what to do in your life, if you are not self-aware, sit relax and don’t worry.

Just keep moving further. Because if I can do it, guys you can do it.

Thank you this is your digital Pratik. 

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