Eversource partners with TCS to help build distributed solar power capacity within its grid by purchasing power from residential, industrial & commercial customers

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New Delhi, September 16 (Meel Bijendra) – Energy utilities are leading the world’s energy transition, investing in renewable energy sources as part of their journey to carbon neutrality. Leaders in the sector are innovatively using technology to attract environmentally conscious consumers looking for green alternatives and to grow their new clean energy businesses.

Eversource Energy is a Fortune 500 energy company that operates New England’s largest energy distribution system with 4.4 million customers in Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), and New Hampshire. It is focused on making its operations carbon-neutral by 2030 and bringing more clean and affordable energy to New England.

Eversource partnered with TCS to build a solution that would help them on-board distributed solar power capacity within its grid by purchasing power from residential, industrial, and commercial customers who install solar panels and storage on their properties, and enabling them to avail of incentives offered by their respective states, as part of state-level Net Zero programs.

The TCS-built solution includes onboarding new solar customers, a customer application that helps keep track of the units generated, and a pricing engine that uses a declining block pricing mechanism to incentivize early enrolment as a producer.

It also includes a billing system that processes recovery charges, solar credits, and incentive payments, and enables flexible payment options as well as hardship relief options to improve affordability and increase adoption of energy efficiency programs.

To facilitate quick rollouts across states, TCS architected a reusable framework that would simplify the adoption of each state’s incentive program into Eversource’s core platform, enabling the utility to pursue a very aggressive implementation schedule for each state.

Using this solution, Eversource has been able to leverage state incentives to make green energy affordable and rapidly benefit nearly 430,000 customers in CT and MA so far, while driving the growth of its clean energy business.

Also, it is estimated to generate over 9,700 MWh of solar power, which will accelerate not only its journey to carbon neutrality but also the journey of the states it serves.