How to Earn Money from Internet

If you also want to know how to earn money from internet, then you will be given a step by step guide here on how you can earn money through the Internet.

how to make money from internet

Hello, I hope you all do well. Today we will tell you 3 ways through which you can earn money from the internet. To earn money from the internet, you must have a High Speed ​​Internet Connection and a laptop.

Here we are going to tell you only about 5 ways. If you want to know about 10 such methods and earn money from those things then you can read our article or how to earn money sitting at home.

Here also we have done step by step guide. So let’s know which are the ways by which you can earn a lot of money by using it.

  • Facebook
  • URL Shoretner
  • PDD Network


We all know that Facebook is a social media platform that uses more on today’s time. Here people from all over the world become active. Have you ever thought how to make money using Facebook?

Let’s know how to earn money from Facebook now. To make money from Facebook, you have to have a website, product or any skill. Apart from this, you can earn Commission by selling the products of others on you.

You can join any Affiliate Marketing Program to earn commission. In India, you can join Amazon or Flipkart’s Affiliate Program, sell their products and earn commission from them.

Now here comes the matter, whatever your products will be. How can you sell them on Facebook? In Facebook, you can sell your products in two ways.

  1. Free Promotion
  2. Paid Promotion

How to do free promotion on Facebook

  • You can join Groups to do free promotion.
    Whatever you will have products. You can generate a good sale by posting them in these Groups.
  • On Facebook, you can make your own page or your own group and join the members in them. Which are absolutely free.
  • You can generate a sale by sharing the links of your products or affiliate products in your page or group yourself.

How to do Paid Promotion on Facebook

  • You can increase your sales by advertising your products on Facebook.
  • You can also promote your affiliate marketing links on Facebook.

URL Shoretner

You can earn a lot of money from Url Shortener websites. To earn money from Url Shortener Websites, you have to join URL Shotener websites.

After that you have to shorten any URL. Here you can convert YouTube videos to short URLs.

After that you will have to share that short URL on your Friends, Facebook Groups, Pages, and the rest of Social Media’s.

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Whoever will click on that URL. In return for his click, you will get money. In these websites you will find Approx. Get up to $ 10 for 1000 Views. All of this depends on the country.

PPD Network

PPD Network is a website. If you join any PPD network website. After that you can upload your own files or anything in these websites. After uploading you will get a link.

If you have to share that link with social media or your audience. If anyone downloads that file or video through this link, then you get money in exchange for its download.

If you have an audience, then you can do all the work. And through these things you can also earn a lot of money.