Netflix adds 8.3mn subscribers less than expected in Q4: Netflix stock slumps

Netflix (Image: Canva)

Netflix stock fell 25.87% last month. Netflix recently estimated that the company will add almost 2.5 million subscribers in the 1st quarter of 2022 (Q1 2022), but this number is almost 40% down from the same quarter last year (Q1 2021) when it was 4 million.

Netflix’s customer acquisition growth still hasn’t reached pre-Covid levels. Further, the operating margin of the company was 14.4% in Q4 FY20, and 8.2% in Q4FY21.

The company was expecting almost 8.5 million subscribers in Q4 FY21 but the company was able to add only 8.3 million subscribers.

Due to all these reasons, there was a decline in Netflix’s stock and after this fall, Netflix’s Co-CEO Reed Hastings bought shares of about $ 20 million in the company.

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