Nifty and Sensex up 2% as FIIs and DIIs turn net buyers

Nifty and Sensex up as FIIs and DIIs turn net buyers
Share Price (Image: Canva)

Today Nifty rose by 2.1% to 16661.40 and Sensex rose by 1.98% to close at 55925.74. Rising inflation is a major concern around the world in 2022, due to which central banks such as the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, and RBI (Reserve Bank of India) have increased their benchmark interest rates.

The bank’s interest rate hike is aimed at controlling inflation by reducing excess liquidity in the market.

FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) have made continuous outflows in the Indian market in the last 6 months. FII sold 275000 crores in 5 months in the Indian market.

But DIIs (Domestic institutional investors) have maintained steady inflow momentum. DIIs have made inflows of Rs 1.95 lakh crore since November 2021, reducing the impact of large outflows of FIIs.

According to NSE data, after continuous selling for more than a month, FIIs made a net purchase of Rs 502.08 crore in the Indian market today while DII bought Rs 1524.49 crore.

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