9 pregnancy symptoms | pregnancy

Most women worry about their pregnancy whether she is pregnant or not. However, if they pay a little attention, then their body tells them whether she is pregnant or not, in this article I am going to tell you 9 symptoms by which you can know whether you are pregnant or not.

9 pregnancy symptoms | pregnancy

9 Signs of pregnancy:

1. Fatigue and sleep:

Do you feel tired throughout the day, have you increased your sleep? If yes, then it is possible that you are going to be a mother. This is due to increased levels of progesterone hormone during pregnancy.

You feel tired due to nourishment of the foetus. The result is sleepiness, so don’t take these symptoms as work fatigue. Add mineral and iron-rich food items to your diet, this will help you feel less tired.

2. Nausea:

Nausea and heaviness in the body in the morning is also a system of pregnancy. Its rate may vary. The problem of nausea and vomiting in 80% of women lasts from two weeks to 8 weeks. This is due to the excess of estrogen hormone and progesterone hormone.

3. Lack of period:

This is the clearest centum of pregnancy. Light bleeding is a symptom of pregnancy only once within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. Periods usually stop during the early days of pregnancy.

This does not mean that you have stopped because of being a mother. The cycle of periods also sometimes becomes imbalanced due to fatigue or anxiety. Means it goes up and down.

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4. Headache:

Headache is also a common problem during pregnancy, this is because the level of blood sugar drops due to the increase in progesterone and estrogen ie hormones present in the uterus.

Due to this fluctuation, the brain cells are overloaded due to this, due to this, headaches start to occur.

5. Changes in breast size:

Changes in breast size begin to be felt in the early days of pregnancy. This is a very common symptom. In fact, breast tissue is very sensitive to hormones. Hormone generated changes start with pregnancy, which leads to swelling or heaviness in the breast.

6. Excess of urine:

When a woman is pregnant, more urine is released from her body because the kidneys work twice. In this condition, the hormone gonadotropin is produced in the body. Which increases blood flow to the lower abdomen, resulting in more urine coming out.

7. Distaste for smell and food:

If you suddenly start to smell a certain type of food and you start not liking it, then you may be pregnant. This could be a sign of pregnancy.

Many women are also troubled by the bitter taste of the mouth, while some start having trouble with the smell of certain things like milk, eggs or the smell of tea. She starts avoiding such food.

It is usually more visible in the first trimester of pregnancy. After some time it also gets fixed on its own.

8. Constipation:

Constipation is one of the main symptoms of pregnancy. This problem usually arises due to increased levels of progesterone hormone.

Due to the increase of this hormone, the muscles become loose and the process of working of the intestine slows down, which slows down digestion, due to which the problem of constipation occurs.

9. Increase in body temperature:

Although the body temperature of women increases even during menstruation, but if the body temperature continues to increase for 10 to 18 days after menstruation, then it is a symptom of pregnancy.

During pregnancy the body temperature rises up to 0.5 centigrade. Don’t confuse it with fever and don’t take fever medicine because it is caused by pregnancy.