Meta stock fall: Apple’s privacy feature and Facebook’s daily active users decline in Q4 | Facebook Stock


Facebook Stock (Meta Platforms Inc.): Facebook stock is down 28.69% in the last one week. The company almost saw a 26% decline on Thursday, reducing its market cap by about $230 billion. The biggest reason for this decline is the decrease in the number of daily active users of Facebook. According to the company, this … Read more

Zuckerberg’s net worth drops to $85 billion after Meta stock crash

Zuckerberg's net worth drops to $85 billion after Meta stock crash: Facebook

Yesterday the stock price of Meta Platforms Inc (Facebook) fell by more than 25%. This record one-day drop resulted in a $200 billion market value drop for Meta, the highest single-day market value wipeout in US market history. Meta’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg own a 12.8% stake in the company and after yesterday’s market … Read more