Sensex and Nifty down nearly 6%, investors lose over Rs 17 lakh crore: 5 reasons why share market down

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Today Nifty was trading down 3.25% and Sensex down 3.20%. In the last one week, both Sensex and Nifty have almost gone down 5.8%. 5 reasons why share market down? 1. Rising Inflation Crude oil prices rising very fast. Crude oil prices are at record levels and have crossed more than $ 88.21 per barrel. … Read more

Nifty 50 fell by 1.20% and Sensex by over 1.25% as shares fell on rising Treasury yields and inflation

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Yesterday there was a sharp fall in the Indian stock market in the second half and both the benchmark indices Nifty and Sensex were down more than 1.2%. Even today till 2 pm Nifty50 was down 1.20% and Sensex was down 1.25%. Why is the stock market going down The US 10-year G sec yield … Read more

Why is the stock market falling so sharply today?

Why is the stock market falling so sharply today?

The fourth major fall of the year in the stock market, Sensex had fallen 879, then improved 689 points to close at 55822 Increasing cases of the new variant, there was a big fall in the stock markets around the world on Monday. The fourth-biggest decline of this year was recorded in the Indian market. … Read more