Tour and Travel Management Course with full information | Travelling Management Course

The number of tourists traveling around the world has increased in the last several days, and now there is a travel industry boom in India. In such a situation, if you also like traveling and want to make your career in this field, then the Tour and Travel Management course can be the most outfit for you.

After doing this course you can find a great job opportunity in this field. In this article you will learn about the entire Tour and Travel Management.

Tour and Travel Management Course Conditions are studied to the tourist area like; Tourist Resort Planning, Environment, Food Service Management, Ecology and Interclaper Communication

so that the condition can understand important tourism area and give good service to this field to take care of their careers.

Tour and Travel Hospitality is part of the industry, and the Candidate wants to make a career in this industry. None of the Certificate Diploma Undergraduate Course and Postgraduate Course can be.

Tour and Travel Management Certificate Course

Tour and Travel Management

Talking about the duration of the course, the duration of the certificate course in Tour and Travel Management is 3 to 6 months, in which internship can also be included.

In some collages, this course is also of 1 year and if we talk about the criteria, then it is necessary to clear the 10th + 2 exam of the candidate to do tour and travel management certificate course.

Science, Art, Commerce candidates of all three subjects can apply for this course.

Talking about the admission process, the certificate course is based on the 12th marks and if we talk about the top job area, then after doing the certificate course, candidates can get jobs in

  • Heritage Sites
  • Holiday parks
  • Museum
  • Colleges and Universities.

Talking about job options, after doing certificate course, candidates can get best jobs in job options like tour

  • Operator
  • Management Trainer
  • Travel Consultant
  • Freelancer Travel Consultant,
  • Travel Executive

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Best colleges to do certificate course in tour and travel management:

  •  Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
  •  SRM University, Delhi-NCR, Sonepat
  • Kalindi College, University of Delhi
  • Jagannath Rathi Vocational Guidance & Training Institute, Pune
  • Mumbai college of hotel management and catering technology, Mumbai
  • HR Institute of Hotel Management, Ghaziabad

You can do this course from these colleges. Now let’s talk that after doing certificate course, candidates can earn 8-10 thousand per month starting salary.

Tour and Travel Management Diploma Course:

Talking about Duration, the Diploma course in Tour and Travel Management is of 1 year. In some colleges, the duration of this course can be even 6 months.

Criteria: it is necessary to pass 10+2 exam with 50% marks.

Admission process: Admission in this course can be done on merit basis and can also be done on intern basis.

Top Job Position: after doing this course, candidates can apply in Travel and Tourism Industry, Tourism Operating Firm, Resorts and Hotel, Aviation Industry and Consultation.

Job Options: options like

  • Tour operator
  • Travel consultant
  • Tour manager
  • Tour analyst
  • Program analyst and
  • Travel planner are opened for diploma candidates.

Some of the best colleges for doing diploma courses are:

  • IIfly Aviation Training Centre, Mumbai
  • Kes Shroff College of Arts and Commerce, Mumbai
  • University of Mumbai, Mumbai
  • Institute of Logistics & Aviation Management, New Delhi
  • Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar, Punjab

From here you can do diploma course.

Salary, after doing diploma course: a candidate can earn 10-15 thousand per month as a fresher.

Tour and Travel Management Undergraduate Course

Tour and Travel Management undergraduate course gives the candidate a lot of options like;

  • Bachelor of Tourism & Travel Management
  • BA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • BBA in Tour and Travel Management
  • BA Tourism studies
  • BA Owners Travel & Tourism
  • BSC Owners Travel & Tourism Management
  • BSC Hospitality & Tourism
  • BSC Airlines Tourism and Hospitality

So you can do all these courses.

Duration of the course, this degree course is generally of 3 years, and in terms of

criteria, it is necessary for the candidate to pass 10+2 class to pursue an undergraduate course in tour and travel management.

In which there should be at least 50% marks. Apart from this, fluency in Hindi language and good command in English are needed by many institutes.

Exam pattern, then the exam in undergraduate course is mostly done through the semester system in the college.

Talking about the admission process, in this course one has to pass the intern test.

Recruiting area, then for candidates doing undergraduate course, they can choose career option in travel agency, tourism companies, hotel and restaurant IT companies.

As far as job options are concerned, the candidate doing this course gets job options like

  • Travel Agent Travel consultant
  • Tourism Manager
  • Tour operation manager and
  • Travel Coordinator.

Talking about top colleges:

  • Asia Pacific Institute of Management, Ahmadabad
  • Chandigarh University, Chandigarh
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Vivekanand Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management, Gujarat

Salary: candidates doing undergraduate course can earn 15 to 18 thousand every month as a fresher.

So after doing undergraduate course in tour and travel management, candidates can also do postgraduate of 2 years, in which they get many options like:

  • MSC Tourism
  • MSC Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MSC Airline Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • MSC Hotel & Tourism Management
  • MA in Travel and Tourism Management
  • MA in Tourism
  • MBA in Hotel & Tourism
  • MBA in Tourism Management

So you can do all these courses. To do this course, the candidate must be a graduate.

Many colleges give preference to such candidates who are graduates in tour and travel management. PhD in Tour and Travel Management can also be done after Postgraduation.

For doing tour and travel management course, it is very important for a candidate to have some special skills like;

Responsibility, Team Spread, Good Communication Skills, Creative Attitude, Passion for Work, Polite Nature and Deducation, Customer Oriented and Multitask Approach then it is very important to have all these quality.

So in this article, you must have got special information related to tour and travel management and you must have understood that if you like to travel, explore new places, as well as become a good host and tourist.

If you like to give best comfortability, then you should definitely make your career in this field.

And as far as the tourism industry in India is concerned, the tourist business is growing very fast in India. That’s why you can step into this booming industry well.

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