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Vocational Education and Training is a job oriented technical course, through which students choose specific career opportunities. This means that if you are interested and interested in the particular field and want to make a career in this field by learning the skills related to it, then you can do the related vocational course in that field.

This type of course includes training, instruction and classes. After doing this course, you get certificate and diploma. Vocational courses are also called occupational and technical courses.

Vocational course vs Traditional course:

Vocational Course

It would also be better to know how the vocational course is different from the traditional course. B.A, B.Comm, BSC, and Engineering courses come under the category of traditional courses, most of these courses have a classroom teaching model.

In this type of course, the student is given subject knowledge, theory and case study in the form. Practical knowledge is available to them only during internship.

The practical knowledge gained from internship sometimes confuses the students as it does not match with their theoretical knowledge.

In contrast to this, in the vocational course, students are given training in specific fields so that they can develop practical skills. In this type of course, the student gets on-side experience and the classroom lectures are very less.

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These courses are designed in such a way that when the student graduates, he/she is fully prepared for the job which can increase the chances of getting the job very well.

Vocational course vs Traditional course Duration:

Traditional courses have a longer duration, while vocational courses have a shorter duration. In most of these courses it is necessary to pass high school. And basic knowledge of English and Maths is considered necessary.

There are also some courses that can be done by people who are less than 10th class educated.

Even after so much difference, most of the students give preference to traditional courses because it is a common belief that doing traditional courses will give good job as these courses provide degree while vocational course offers diploma.

Due to this difference, despite having a very good scope of vocational courses, they have not been able to get so much importance.


If we talk about it in front of a believe, then many benefits are also available from the vocational course. The first benefit of which is that after completing this course, the student becomes ready for the job.

Apart from this, vocational courses also provide many benefits like this course provides vocational skills along with traditional course. The main focus of this course is on specialized knowledge only.

The training given in this course matches the reality of that industry. This course makes the student aware of the trends going on in the global market.

With the short duration of these courses, the fees are also less. And these courses are designed according to the demand of that industry, and not only this, these courses can also be done online.

  • Health Care
  • Web Design
  • Graphic
  • Food Technology
  • Cosmetology, you can do this course.

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Apart from these, in the vocational course, you also get options for technical work like;

  • Automotive Repair
  • Plumbing and
  • Air Conditioning.

Diploma can be taken in these vocational courses.

  • Telecommunication
  • Computer science
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Event Management
  • Catering Management
  • Food Preservation

You can also do certificate courses in these types of vocational courses.

  • House Keeping
  • Hair Design
  • Beauty Culture
  • Office Management
  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Corporate Communication

Now let us know that we take a little information about some vocational courses which are in most demand.

Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientist mainly solves the criminal dispute. After doing this course you will get job in both government and private sector forensic lab.


Nowadays there is a lot of demand for qualified and technical skills technician. After doing this course, you can get jobs in many areas like

  • Testing Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Design Development
  • Marketing and Research.

Because telecommunication has its reach in many major sectors.

Talking about audio engineering, in this course you will learn to operate an equipment and record music and audio tracks. After which jobs can be found in recording studios and media houses.


Photography is a popular course after which you can get many options like;

  • Wildlife Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Event
  • Portrait and many more forms.

After doing specialized courses according to your interest, you can also get a job in the media industry as a professional photographer. You can also work on freelance projects.

Foreign languages

To communicate with foreign clients and run the business smoothly, nowadays the demand for language experts has increased a lot. In such a situation, by doing this course, you can also get foreign languages ​​related jobs like language course translator, interpreter.

Game Designer

Talking about game designer, by taking this course you can design video games and you can easily get jobs in this field.

Event management

Event Management, Presentation is one of the most promising industries and by doing this course, you can get many jobs in the field of this course.

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Friends, now you have got information about vocational courses. And you must have understood the importance of these courses as well.

Also, you must have come to know that even though these courses are job oriented but still they lag behind the traditional courses.

Although these courses have started getting a little more importance in the last few times and now along with doing this course, if you have special ordinary skills of that area, then your course can reach a very good position.

Therefore, while doing vocational course, you can choose the same field in which you are interested.