11 penny stocks cheaper than Rs 100 with Fundamental analysis

Hathway Cable & Datacom limited

Stock No. 1

Hathway Cable & Datacom limited It is a leading cable and broadband provider company that was acquired by Reliance Industries in 2019 and is now part of Jio, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries.

LT Foods Limited

Stock no. 2

LT Foods Limited: This company manufactures Basmati rice and rice food products for the domestic and overseas markets. This stock is listed on both NSE and BSE exchange and its market capitalization is 2476 crores.

Precision Wires India Limited

Stock No. 3

This company is India’s largest winding wires manufacturer, which manufactures round winding wire, rectangular winding wire, transposed conductor, and paper insulated copper conductors, which are used in the electrical industry.

Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited

Stock No. 4

This is a sugar manufacturing company that also produces ethanol. Ethanol works like fuel, the government’s target is to blend 20% ethanol in petrol by 2025, so its demand will increase.

Kothari Petrochemicals Limited

Stock no. 5

It is a petrochemicals company that manufactures Polyisobutylene which is used in Fuel, Rubber modification, PVC pipes & fittings, etc. The company’s market capitalization is 418 crores, its return on equity is good 20%, return on capital employed is also 27.3% which is considered good.

Basant Agro Tech (India) Limited

Stock no. 6

It is a fertilizer company that manufactures seeds, fertilizers, and organic products, this company is only listed on BSE and its market capitalization is 146 crores.

Medi Caps Limited Stock price

stock no. 7

It is a Pharmaceutical company that manufactures Empty Gelatin Capsules, This company is listed on BSE only and its market capitalization is 78.4 Crore.

Texmo Pipes & Production Limited

Stock no. 8

This company manufactures pipes and fittings. Their product portfolio includes Solvent Cement, PVC pipes, HDPE Pipes, SWR Pipes, Casting Pipes, Agricultural fittings, HDPE Coils, Rigid PVC Pipes, Submersible Column pipes, DUCT, Sprinkler Pipes & Fittings, etc.

Rajoo Engineers Limited

Stock no. 9

Rajoo Engineers Limited: This company manufactures extrusion machinery and has clients from India as well as international markets. This company is listed only on BSE and its market capitalization is 182 crores.

Ircon International Limited

stock no 10

Ircon International Limited: It is an integrated engineering & construction PSU that especially works on large and technically complex infrastructure projects such as railways, highways, etc.

PTL Enterprises Limited

Stock no 11

PTL Enterprises Limited: It is a tyres manufacturing facility leased to Apollo tyres Company and is a production by Apollo tyres Company.