Business Model of Tesla


Tesla is the most valuable car company in the world now. Its market capitalization has crossed $1 trillion.

The next 10 most valuable car companies, Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, the combined valuation of these 10 companies, would be equal to Tesla.

There are 4 very popular models of Tesla.

1. Models S 2. Models 3 3. Models X 4. Models Y

Tesla introduced the concept of Gigafactories, wherein they set up gigantic factories for manufacturing the batteries for their cars in order to reduce their cost.

Tesla Company’s Source of Revenue

1. Automotive 2. Servicing 3. Energy Business

Tesla Powerwall

The Power Wall has also been created with the perspective of renewable energy.

The most expensive Model X, around $99,900  Model S at $90,000  Model Y at $55,000 Model 3, the most sold Tesla car, it’s also the cheapest Tesla car, at $42,000.

Tesla Research & Development expenses is almost thrice than that of the other car companies. Presently, there are 6 Gigafactories worldwide, 4 of them are functional and 2 under construction.

So many people have invested in Tesla’s stock, that it is the most popular stock in the US now.