Power cuts due to coal shortage in India, Coal produces 77% of electricity in India

India imports 43% of coal from Indonesia, 26% from Australia, 6% from America, and about 11% from other countries.

According to experts, coal shortage, geopolitical tension, lack of supply and rising temperatures are the main reasons for power cuts.

In the year 2020-21, India imported about 215.25 million tonnes of coal.

India has 1.10 lakh MW renewable energy while out of 2.89 lakh MW, 72074 MW capacity plants are closed.

In India, coal stocks in power plants declined to 7.2 million tonnes on October 8, 2021, following which the country faced a coal crisis.

At the beginning of Q1 of FY 2022-23, almost daily power demand across India increased to 194 GW from 187 GW in the previous quarter.

The largest hard coal producing country in the world is China, which produces about 3580 million metric tonnes.

The highest quality of coal in India, anthracite, and lignite mines are found in Jammu and Kashmir.

Coal India Limited said that it is supplying 16.4 lakh tonnes of coal per day to power plants but the demand has reached 22 lakh tonnes per day.

Power cuts due to coal shortage in India