Wipro embarks on a transformational journey by becoming an AI-first organization

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Mumbai, October 5 (Meel Bijendra) – With a clear vision, Wipro aims to leverage AI to revolutionize industries and drive innovation at every level, setting a new benchmark for intelligent enterprises around the world.

Through Wipro’s commitment to AI, the company is set to shape the future and redefine the possibilities of technology.

Investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Practices: Wipro has been investing in its Generative AI research program with the University of South Carolina and IIT Patna for over two years to build language models for the healthcare sector.

The solution helps patients get better and faster access to healthcare, create personalized care plans for healthcare members, and accelerate medical research. Wipro’s GenAI Framework provides enterprise guardrails and responsible AI controls to enable secure GenAI applications for the company’s customers.

Wipro’s offerings are based on different themes:

  • Enterprise Knowledge Miners and Virtual Assistants for Employees and Customers
  • Content Curation and Moderation for Media and Marketing
  • Automation in Software Development Life Cycle
  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • AI for Sustainability

LAB45: Lab45 is a visionary space, developing ground-breaking solutions to foster and accelerate ideation throughout Wipro. A team of engineers, research analysts, and scientists come together to infuse creative ways of incubating solutions for customers.

The aim is to demonstrate best-in-class emerging, cutting-edge capabilities and thought leadership across multiple industry verticals to help clients envision the art of possible. It is a space filled with ambition at the vanguard of far-reaching research across cutting-edge technologies.

With an unwavering commitment towards innovation, Wipro plunges into the deep realm of Generative AI, unleashing its transformative potential in the areas of commerce, humanity, and the environment.

AI Partnership with Hyperscalers: Wipro is closely working with partners like Microsoft, Google, AWS, and NVIDIA to co-build solutions for customers. Wipro is also the first SI partner to publish its GenAI framework and solutions on Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Wipro has further expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to take its GenAI solutions to customers. Wipro has set up its AI Lab with NVIDIA for the optimization of language models for customer engagements.

At the AI Academy, Wipro has designed and delivered training to build a deep-skilled talent pool for GenAI and has included programs conducted by globally prominent faculty through exclusive relations with the Indian Statistical Institute.

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